What is being doneLaw Enforcement and Compliance Monitoring

By WhomBeing Done WellNeeds Improvement/Expansion
GovernmentImprove facilitation/funding
Multi-sectoral stakeholders in environment Developed checklist for compliance monitoring of oil and gas activitiesImprove facilitation/funding

Improve coordination 

Limited involvement of communities in formulation and implementation of the laws
Multi-sectoral committee on environment: executive, technical field teams and inspectorsSupervise, inspect and monitor compliance of oil companies to environmental laws and regulationsImprove coordination
Directorate of water resources Reference laboratory in place to analyze critical parameters for monitoring
Petroleum department Laboratory for monitoring oil  and gas waste
NEMA / DWRMPermit system in place and monitored Improve facilitation/funding 

Improve specific standards to address oil and gas (only one standard – BoD)

Improve coordination
UWA / NEMAGuidelines for oil and gas exploration in protected areas
UWA/WCSBaseline data collection prior to oil and gas development and production
UWA/WCS/NEMA (Multi-sectoral)A sensitivity atlas developed for MFNP, QENP & TSWR
Oil & Gas Companies ESIA: Environmental, social impact assessment
Ministries (MWE, Tourism)Review of Water Act (laws), Wildlife Act, National Environment Act (NEA)
MEMDReviewing of Renewable Energy Policy
MWEIntroduction of a catchment-based approach to development (catchment management planning)
Public, CommunitiesImprove awareness of laws 

Include communities in structuring laws