What is being doneConservation

By WhomBeing Done WellNeeds Improvement/Expansion
GovernmentTechnical monitoring committee to monitor compliance to ESIA.

Review of legislation (Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU).
Build technical capacity for conservation e.g. Human and Wildlife Conflict (HWC) and water management.

Public awareness.
Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)Independent research.

Dissemination of information.

Third party monitoring ACOED—just starting, platform not available.

Public awareness—coverage, operational space.

Conservation intervention
(restoration, HWC mitigation, sustainable livelihoods, water sanitation and health).

Capacity development funding, coverage, collaboration limited.
Private SectorRestoration of sites (drilling).

Waste management of oil and gas.
ESIA: Access to fair representation of findings; Starting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Waste management from communities.
Local CommunitiesPublic awareness.

Capacity development.


Capacity development.